A free alternative adult AI art generator

A free alternative adult AI art generator

For the last few months, we've been working very hard to release our first version of Chain Diffusion. An AI trained for NSFW AI art generator.

Why Chain Diffusion?

There are a lot of apps for AI-generated porn out there but they had limitations that we wanted to tackle.

Generous free tier

We want to allow our users to test all the available features. You can use our free tier for as long as you like with access to all filters and features like the premium upscaler.

Amazing user experience

We want to give our NSFW AI art generator a great user experience for both desktop and mobile. So we have worked together with designers to create a User interface that is easy to use and understand web apps.

Adult AI art generator mobile

No Watermark or copyright:

We decided to not add any watermarks to the generated pictures. Credit to us is not necessary, although we would appreciate it if you tagged us ;) Whether you want to create an image for your blog, for fun, or publish and sell it, you have the power to do so without our consent.

Uncensored AI Art generator

Premium features

If you want to go beyond the normal resolution you can use our premium upscaler to get images up to 4K resolution. For only 10$ a month you get access to all editing features and 4K resolution.

Magic fill

Do you like your image but only want to change your shirt? Add tattoos? Sunglasses? With our magic fill tool, you can do that and much more. Just paint over the areas you want to change!

Anime & Hentai model

Go beyond our realistic model and create your fantasies with our Hentai/anime model. Use our 300+ filters and settings to create your anime characters.


4K High-Res Images

Upscale and download images in 4K resolution! Our premium “upscaler” is specialized to be excellent in upscaling human anatomy, like skin texture, eye details, etc. The high-resolution 4K images are perfect for your desktop wall-papers, printing on canvas or posters, or just to get a closer look at your creation!

What next?

We're excited to release this tool to the public and would love your feedback. You can try it out now for free at https://chaindiffusion.com If you have any feedback or questions join our discord. Join the chats and get extra credits for free. 😎 Tag us if you want to share your NSFW AI art on Reddit or any other platform and we will reshare. Are you ready to unlock your imagination with our adult AI art generator? Start using ChainDiffusion today and let the magic begin. ✨